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is the religion, the way of life of Muslims of the world. There are over one billion Muslims 
spread across the globe in all nationalities, languages and ethnic backgrounds. Islam was the 
religion of the first couple, Adam and Eve. It was also the religion of messengers of God like Noah,
 Abraham, Moses and Jesus. The essence of their message was:

Believe and obey the One true God and obey His messengers.

Jesus (peace be on him) was the second-last prophet of God. He foretold the coming of the last
Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him). While the message of the earlier messengers, including
 Jesus was limited, prophet Muhammad's message and mission is universal and will remain so till 
the end of this world. Belief in Islam means

  1. Belief in One God

  2. belief in all of God's messengers

  3. belief in all the books sent down to His prophets. These books include Torah and Gospel

  4. belief in the existence of angels

  5. belief in the Day of Judgment and Life after Death, Heaven and Hell

  6. belief in the Divine Decree or Predestination, its good and its bad.

Muslims are those who declare that there is no deity except Allah (Arabic for God) and that 
Muhammad is His messenger. They submit fully in obedience to Allah and mould their lives 
according to the teachings of the Holy Quran and prophet Muhammad.

Basic Concepts of Faith


Fundamental Articles of Faith
Islam, A Brief Inroduction
Islam - an Historic Perspective
The True Religion
Concept of God
Attributes of God
Prophethood in Islam

Life After Death
Concept of Worship in Islam

Forms of Worship

The Five Pillars of Islam
The Muslim at Prayer
Zakah (The Alms, Charity)

Fasting, a Gift From God
Ramadan-The Fasting Month
What are Hajj and Eidul-Adha?

Aspects of Islam

Islam Explained 
Jihad Explained
Sword of Islam
Moral System of Islam
Human Rights in Islam
Status of Woman in Islam
Islamic Political System

What the Non-Muslims Say

What They Say About Islam 
What They say About Muhammad  
What They say About Quran 
U.S. Senate Resolution 43, 1979 

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Al-Quran: At A Glance

Prophet Muhammad
bulletThe Islamic Calendar
bulletIslam FAQ  at muslims.org
bulletWorld Map - Muslim Distribution [557K]
bullet Who was Jesus?
bulletMalcom X From Darkness To Light
HOW TO...?
bulletHow to Become a Muslim
bulletHow to Pray
bulletHow to Perform Hajj-a pictorial brief