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       The following selection includes articles on the fundamentals of the Islamic faith and practices. These articles are at the basic level and do not require any pre-requisites, except perhaps for a few terms. These terms can be picked up from the articles themselves or try one of the glossaries given at Selections. More in-depth articles may be found at Selections. Based on your interest and background you may also find articles in our Comparative Studies collection intellectually and scholarly rewarding.

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Basic Concepts of Faith


Islam, A Brief Inroduction
Islam - an Historic Perspective
Concept of God
Attributes of God
Prophethood in Islam

Life After Death
Concept of Worship in Islam 

The Holy Quran

Al-Quran: At A Glance 

Prophet Muhammad 

You Must Know This Man
Prophet Muhammad's Last Sermon

Forms of Worship

The Five Pillars of Islam
The Muslim at Prayer
Learn How to Pray
Fasting, a Gift From God
Ramadan-The Fasting Month
What are Hajj and Eidul-Adha?

   A Brief Illustrated Guide to Understanding Islam:
[Especially for non-Muslims]

What the Non-Muslims Say

What They Say About Islam 
What They say About Muhammad  
What They say About Quran 
U.S. Senate Resolution 43, 1979 

Aspects of Islam

Islam Explained 
Jihad Explained
Sword of Islam
Moral System of Islam
Human Rights in Islam
Status of Woman in Islam

     Malcom X From Darkness To Light

    Who was Jesus?

    The Islamic Calendar
     Islam FAQ  at
     World Map - Muslim Distribution [557K]


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