The Meanings Of The Holy Qur'an  
by Abdullah Yusufali


bullet1. The Opening
bullet2. The Cow
bullet3. The Family Of 'Imran, The House Of 'Imran
bullet4. Women
bullet5. The Table, The Table Spread
bullet6. Cattle, Livestock
bullet7. The Heights
bullet8. Spoils Of War, Booty
bullet9. Repentance, Dispensation
bullet10. Jonah
bullet11. Hud
bullet12. Joseph
bullet13. The Thunder
bullet14. Abraham
bullet15. Al-hijr, Stoneland, Rock City
bullet16. The Bee
bullet17. Isra', The Night Journey, Children Of Israel
bullet18. The Cave
bullet19. Mary
bullet20. Ta-ha
bullet21. The Prophets
bullet22. The Pilgrimage
bullet23. The Believers
bullet24. Light
bullet25. The Criterion, The Standard
bullet26. The Poets
bullet27. The Ant, The Ants
bullet28. The Story, Stories
bullet29. The Spider
bullet30. The Romans, The Byzantines
bullet31. Luqman
bullet32. The Prostration, Worship, Adoration
bullet33. The Clans, The Coalition, The Combined Forces
bullet34. Saba, Sheba
bullet35. The Angels, Orignator
bullet36. Ya-sin
bullet37. Those Who Set The Ranks, Drawn Up In Ranks
bullet38. Sad, (the Letter) Sad ( S )
bullet39. The Troops, Throngs
bullet40. The Believer, The Forgiver (god)
bullet41. (signs) Spelled Out, Ha-mim
bullet42. Councel, Consultation
bullet43. Ornaments Of Gold, Luxury
bullet44. Smoke
bullet45. Crouching
bullet46. The Wind-curved Sandhills, The Dunes
bullet47. Muhammad
bullet48. Victory, Conquest
bullet49. The Private Apartments, The Inner Apartments
bullet50. Qaf, (the Letter), ( Q )
bullet51. The Winnowing Winds
bullet52. The Mount
bullet53. The Star
bullet54. The Moon
bullet55. The Beneficent, The Mercy Giving
bullet56. The Event, The Inevitable
bullet57. Iron
bullet58. She That Disputeth, The Pleading Woman
bullet59. Exile, Banishment
bullet60. She That Is To Be Examined, Examining Her
bullet61. The Ranks, Battle Array
bullet62. The Congregation, Friday
bullet63. The Hypocrites
bullet64. Mutual Disillusion, Haggling
bullet65. Divorce
bullet66. Banning, Prohibition
bullet67. The Sovereignty, Control
bullet68. The Pen, (the Letter) N
bullet69. The Reality
bullet70. The Ascending Stairways, Staircases Upward, Sckeptic
bullet71. Noah
bullet72. The Jinn, Sprites
bullet73. The Enshrouded One, Bundled Up
bullet74. The Cloaked One, The Man Wearing A Cloak
bullet75. The Rising Of The Dead, Resurrection
bullet76. Time, Man, (every) Man, This (day-and-)age
bullet77. The Emissaries, Winds Sent Forth
bullet78. The Tidings, The Announcement
bullet79. Those Who Drag Forth, Soul-snatchers
bullet80. He Frowned!
bullet81. The Overthrowing, Extinguished! Wrapping Things Up
bullet82. The Cleaving, Bursting Apart
bullet83. Defrauding, The Cheats, Cheating
bullet84. The Sundering, Splitting Open
bullet85. The Mansions Of The Stars, Constellations
bullet86. The Morning Star, The Nightcomer
bullet87. The Most High, Glory To Your Lord In The Highest
bullet88. The Overwhelming, The Pall
bullet89. The Dawn, Daybreak
bullet90. The City, This Countryside
bullet91. The Sun
bullet92. The Night
bullet93. The Morning Hours, Morning Bright!
bullet94. Solace, Consolation, Relief
bullet95. The Fig, The Figtree
bullet96. The Clot, Read!
bullet97. Power, Fate
bullet98. The Clear Proof, Evidence
bullet99. The Earthquake
bullet100. The Courser, The Chargers
bullet101. The Calamity, The Stunning Blow, The Disaster
bullet102. Rivalry In World Increase, Competition
bullet103. The Declining Day, Eventide, The Epoch
bullet104. The Traducer, The Gossipmonger
bullet105. The Elephant
bullet106. Winter, Quraysh
bullet107. Small Kindnesses, Almsgiving, Have You Seen?
bullet108. Abundance, Plenty
bullet109. The Disbelievers, Atheists
bullet110. Succour, Divine Support
bullet111. Palm Fibre, The Flame
bullet112. The Unity, Sincerity, Oneness Of God
bullet113. The Daybreak, Dawn
bullet114. Mankind


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