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Introducing the Discover Islam Poster Exhibit

Discover Islam

What Is Islam And
Who Are Muslims?
We invite you to experience a gallery of twenty five posters, each masterfully integrating traditional Islamic art and calligraphy with modern computer graphics. This collection ranges from simple arabesque patterns to full color photographs of Muslims and the Islamic World. Posters that powerfully communicate the beauty of Islam, and yet are gentle enough to sway any heart, Muslim and non-Muslim alike. 

This unique collection not only makes use of the best available printing and presentation techniques, but has also been authored and edited by a select group of Islamic scholars affiliated with a range of organizations that collectively represent Muslims in North America. Scholars from ISNA, ICNA, and IIIT, among others, have contributed to and approved the final product that you shall see. 

This exhibit is the first of its kind. It Allows you to present Islamically correct information in a fascinating format. A typical viewer shall be introduced to all the basics of Islam within the matter of a fifteen minute stroll. A collection concise, yet detailed enough to spark an individual's curiosity about this great faith of ours. Your and our ultimate goal is to deliver the message...these poster are most effective in doing so. 

Each poster measures 25" x 34" and is in full color, plus metallic gold. The posters are printed on a heavy card paper stock, and are specially treated with a UV coating to extend there life. The posters can be shipped in a custom made carrying case that is also used for storing and transporting the poster exhibit. 

The Discover Islam Poster Exhibit is available and ready to ship. The cost of the Discover Islam Poster Exhibit is just $200.00. The Discover Islam portfolio case is available for just $19.95. Method of payment: cash, check/money order, Visa, Mastercard, Discover. 

For additional information, a free full color sample or to place an order, call: Transcom International at 703-941-7783. You can also fax your order to: 703-941-7784.

What Do Muslims
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Who Is Muhammad?

How Did Muhammad Become A Prophet
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How Did The Spread 
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How Did The Spread 
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What Is The Qur'an?

Apart From The Qur'an Are There Any Other Sacred Sources?

What Are The Five Pillars Of Islam? IMAN

What Are The Five Pillars Of Islam? SALAH

What Are The Five Pillars Of Islam? SALAH (Cont'd)

What Are The Five Pillars Of Islam? ZAKAH

What Are The Five Pillars Of Islam? SAWM

What Are The Five Pillars Of Islam? HAJJ

Is Islam Tolerant Of Other Beliefs?

What Do Muslims Think About Jesus?

Why Is The Family So Important To Muslims?

How Does Islam Elevate The Status Of Women?

How Do Muslims View The Elderly, Death, And The Afterlife?

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Where Can You Get More Information About Islam?
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