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A great scholar of the 20th century, Syed Abul-Ala Maududi, quotes Ahadith (sayings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him)) on the rights of enemies at war in his book, "Human Rights in Islam."

3. The Prisoner of War Should not be Slain
"No prisoner should be put to the sword"-a very clear and unequivocal instruction given by the Prophet (S).

4. No one Should be Tied to be Killed
"The Prophet has prohibited the killing of anyone who is tied or is in captivity."
(End quote)

If Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him) has prohibited the killing of a prisor of war, then taking an innocent person hostage and killing him is even a bigger sin.

Those people who take hostages and torture or kill them, do so against the teachings of Islam. This injunction holds regardless of how evil the enemy is. In the Battle of Uhad, many Muslims' bodies were mutilated, including the body of Prophet's uncle. Prophet never took revenge.

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