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 Concept of Worship in Islam
 Five Pillars of Islam
 Muslim at Prayer
 How to Pray
 Zakah (The Alms, Charity)
 Ramadan-The Fasting Month
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           A Muslim's life is a perfect balance between spiritual and physical needs and aspirations. Any act done with the intention of reward from God is worship and obedience to God as long as it is according to the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him) as given in the Holy Quran and his Sunnah.

           A Muslim's daily life is scheduled around the five daily prayers. It starts with getting up before sunrise and praying Fajr, then Zuhr at early afternoon, Asr at late afternoon, Maghrib after sunset, and Isha prayer late at night. There are other optional prayers which a Muslim can perform at other times of the day and night. Prophet Muhammad was used to pray Tahajjud prayer daily before dawn.

          A Muslim must be a charitable person. There is a small percentage of charity required by all able Muslims to give on their yearly savings. However, the concept and requirements of charity go far beyond the required amount. Giving of the required amount simply makes a person Muslim according to the Islamic Law. Giving charity is a way of seeking forgiveness from God for our sins.

          Another great form of worship is daily fasting in the ninth Islamic month of Ramadan. Every able Muslim fasts daily from dawn to sunset. The fasting is a great help to seek God-fearing and piety.

         All able Muslims are also required to go for Hajj, a pilgrimage to Makkah (Saudi Arabia), at least once in their lifetime.