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Science & Islamic Books

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Title Author(s) Bnd Pages
A History of Arabic Astronomy,Golden Age of Islam  George Saliba  S 340 
Astronomical Sciences In The Qur'an  S. Waqar Ahmed Husaini  S 114
Astronomy Of Islamic Calendar  Mohammad Ilyas  H 254 
Clinging To A Myth - The Story Behind Evolution  T H Janabi  S 166 
Cultivation Of Science By The Muslims  M. Abdul Aleem Siddiqui  S 44 
Darwin & Evolution From ... A Muslim Scientist  Mohammad Abdullah  P 32 
Darwinism On Trial  Khursheed S. Nadvi  S 230 
Explorations In Islamic Science  Ziauddin Sardar  H 197 
Garlic - Nature's Original Remedy  Stephen Fulder/John Blackwood  S 136 
God's Will Be Done 1 - Traditional Psychoethics  Laleh Bakhtiar  S 160 
God's Will Be Done 2 - Moral Healer's Handbook  Laleh Bakhtiar  S 284 
God's Will Be Done 3 - Moral Healing Through ...  Laleh Bakhtiar  S 290 
God, Soul & Universe In Science & Islam  Muhammad Yamin Khan  S 144 
His Throne Was On Water  Adel M.A. Abbas  S 133 
Incredible Islamic Scientists - Vol. 1  K. Ajram  S 135 
Incredible Islamic Scientists - Vol. 2  K. Ajram  S 135 
Influence Of Islam On World Civilization  Ziauddin Ahmad  H 300 
Islam & Biological Futures  Munawar Ahmad Anees  H 286 
Islam & Contemporary Science  Syed Sibte Nabi Naqvi  H 171 
Islam & Ecology  Fazlun Khalid / Joanne O'Brien  S 111 
Islam & Evolution Of Science  Muhammad Saud  S 153 
Islam & Evolution Of Science  Muhammad Saud  H 129 
Islam & The Origins Of Modern Science  Khwaja Abdul Waheed  S 42 
Islam On Origin & Evolution Of Life  Majid Ali Khan  H 223 
Islamic Environmental Systems Engineering  Dr Waqar Ahmad Husaini  S 250 
Islamic Science - An Illustrated Study  Seyyed Hossein Nasr  S 273 
Mathematical Order  D. Abdullah  S 18 
Mathematics The Islamic Legacy  Q. Mushtaq & A.L. Tan  S 129 
Mirror Of The Intellect:EssaysOnTrad.Sci.&Sac.Art  Titus Burckhardt  S 269 
Muslim Contribution To Civilization  Haidar Bammate  S 62 
Muslim Contribution To Geography  Nafis Ahmad  H 131 
Muslim Contribution To Science & Culture  M. Abdur Rahman Khan  S 116 
Religion & Science  Maulana Wahiduddin Khan  P 96 
Roots Of Natural Sciences  Cassim Igram  S 25 
Science & Civilization In Islam  Seyyed Hossein Nasr  H 388 
Science & God  Saiyid Shamim Ahmed  S 11 
Science & Religion  Cassim Igram  S 13 
Science In Medieval Islam - An Illustrated Introd.  Howard R. Turner  S 248 
Science In The Medieval World  Said Al-Andalusi  S 118 
Scientific Religion Or Reverent Science  Maria Levinskaya  S 11 
Signs In The Heavens: A Muslim Astronomer's Persp.  Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad, PhD  S 174 
Teaching Islamic Sciences & Engineering  S Waqar Ahmed Husaini  S 75 
The Herbal Handbook - A User's Guide To..Herbalism  David Hoffman  S 240 
The Influence Of Islam On Medieval Europe  Watt, W. Montgomery  S 125 
The Miracle Of Islamic Science  Dr K Ajram  S 200 
The Need For A Sacred Science  Seyyed Hossein Nasr  S 187 
The Qur'an & Modern Science  Dr Maurice Bucaille  S 26 
The Qur'an & Sunnah: The Time-Space Factor  Taha Jabir & ImadalDin Khalil  S 63 
Verses From The Holy Koran & The Facts Of Science  Dr Haluk Nurbaki  H 392