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   The Holy Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad, a direct descendant of Prophet Abraham (Ibrahim), during the period of 610 - 632 C.E., in Arabia. The revelations were brought to him by the Angel Gabrial (Jibrail). The revealed text is extant in its original form and is recited by millions of Muslims every day. While the majority of Muslims (over 60%) are non-Arabs and may not speak Arabic, they do learn the Arabic Quran and its recitation from their childhood. It is a tremendous inspiration to listen to the (Arabic) Quran. Maryam Jameelah, a Jewish girl from New York started listening to the Quran even when she did not understand it and eventually became a Muslim. She has written numerous scholarly books, including Islam Versus the West.

    If you have never listened to the Quran, try it. The entire Quran recitations are available at various Islamic sites on the internet. You can even download the audio files. A sample of three short recitations is given below. You will need RealAudio software to listen.

bulletThe Opening Chapter (Al-Fatehah) in Arabic and English
bulletThe Opening Chapter (Al-Fatehah)
bulletThe Sincerity (Chapter 112: Al-Ikhlas)
bulletThe Time (Chapter 103: Al-Asr)

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