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RECITATION BY Mohammed Albarrak

78. AN-NABA 78.ra
79. AN-NAZIAT 079.ra
80. ABASA 080.ra
81. AT-TAKWIR 081.ra
82. AL-INFITAR 082.ra
83. AL-MUTAFFIFIN 083.ra
84. AL-INSHIQAQ 084.ra
85. AL-BUROOJ 085.ra
86. AT-TARIQ 086.ra
87. AL-ALA 087.ra
88. AL-GHASHIYA 088.ra
89. AL-FAJR 089.ra
90. AL-BALAD 090.ra
91. ASH-SHAMS 091.ra
92. AL-LAIL 092.ra
93. AD-DHUHA 093.ra
94. AL-INSHIRAH 094.ra
95. AT-TIN 095.ra
96. AL-ALAQ 096.ra
97. AL-QADR 097.ra
98. AL-BAYYINA 098.ra
99. AZ-ZALZALA 099.ra
100. AL-ADIYAT 100.ra
101. AL-QARIA 101.ra
102. AT-TAKATHUR 102.ra
103. AL-ASR 103.ra
104. AL-HUMAZA 104.ra
105. AL-FIL 105.ra
106. QURAISH 106.ra
107. AL-MAUN 107.ra
108. AL-KAUTHER 108.ra
109. AL-KAFIROON 109.ra
110. AN-NASR 110.ra
111. AL-MASADD 111.ra
112. AL-IKHLAS 112.ra
113. AL-FALAQ 113.ra
114. AN-NAS 114.ra

Listen to the Adhan. It is the Call to Prayer, recited five times daily from Mosques around the world.