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   The Holy Quran has been translated in many languages including English. Two major translations in English are by Abdullah Yusuf Ali and Muhammad Pickthal. Texts of these two translations are available on-line at Islam101. We recommend that you study Abdullah Yusuf Ali translation with commentary first. However, there are other noteworthy translations, including the Noble Quran and a translation  from Urdu Tafser of Abul Ala Maududi.

It should however be noted that while you can pick up the main concepts of Islam easily from these translations of the Quran, you may need to refer to the  Tafseer books for a better understanding.

The original revealed text is in Arabic and is the same as it were and as it will be, insha'Allah (God willing).

The following list is taken from Halalco.

Title Author(s) Bnd Pages
A Book of Qur'anic Laws  Muhammad Valibhai Merchant  S 206 
A Geographical History of the Qur'an  S.M. Nadvi  H 143 
A Treasury Of The Qur'an Bk.1: The Good Life  Maulana Wahiduddin Khan  H 91 
Al-Fauz Al-Kabir - The Principles Of Qur'an Comm.  Shah Waliullah  S 93 
Al-Qur'an Divine Book of Eternal Value  Prof Ziauddin Ahmad  H 306 
An Approach to the Study of the Qur'an  Sir Nizamat Jung  S 26 
An Easy Way to the Understanding of the Qur'an =I  Dr Hasanuddin Ahmed  S 167 
An Easy Way to the Understanding of the Qur'an =II Dr Hasanuddin Ahmed  S 134 
An Introduction To The Principles Of Tafseer  Ibn Taymiyyah  S 65 
An Introduction To Understanding The Qur'an  Sayyid Abul Aala Maududi  S 23 
An Introduction to the Qur'an  Sayyid Abul Aala Maududi  S 25 
Basic Concepts Of The Qur'an  Abul Kalam Azad  H 118 
Coherence in the Qur'an  Mustansir Mir  S 125 
Commands of Allah (The Light)  Justice A.R. Changez  S 203 
Dawat-ul-Qur'an  Dr Fazluddin Ajmeri  H 293 
Deep Into the Qur'an Dr Kamal Omar  H 378 
Deep Into the Qur'an  Dr Kamal Omar  S 378 
Four Basic Qur'anic Terms  Sayyid Abul Aala Maududi  S 103 
Heart of the Koran - Meditations & Illuminations  Lex Hixon  P 267 
Holy Qur'an the Book of Guidance  Umar P Mababaya  S 30 
Introduction to Qur'an  Dr Muhammad Adil  S 148 
Introduction to the Study of the Qur'an  Syed Abul Aala Maududi  S 48 
Keynote Of The Holy Qur'an  S.M. Mohsin  H 155 
Learn The Language Of The Holy Qur'an  Abdullah Abbas Nadwi  S 412 
Learn the Language of the Holy Qur'an  Dr Abdullah Abbas Nadwi  H 412 
Lessons from the Stories of the Qur'an  A.M.R. Muhajir  H 222 
Man & Community In The Qur'an  Shahibuddin Laming  S 107 
Manners For Carrying, Reading & ListeningTo Qur'an  tr Zaid Shakir  S 14 
Memorization Of The Qur'an & Its Benefits & Virtues  Abu Iyaa  S 94 
Methodologies Of The Qur'anic Exegesis  Thameem Ushama  S 222 
My Qur'anic Reader & Work Study Book  Qadriyyah Shakir  N 124 
Names of the Qur'an in the Qur'an  Ahmad H. Sakr  S 32 
Philosophy of the Qur'an  Hafiz Ghulam Sarwar  S 245 
Presenting The Qur'an  Saniyasnain Khan  H 166 
Qur'an: An Introduction  A. Rahman I. Doi  S 134 
Qur'an & Evolution  Inayatullah Khan Al-Mashriqi  S 161 
Qur'an in the Classroom  Alhaj A.D. Ajijola  S 302 
Qur'anic Concept Of God, Universe & Human Being  Shabnam Iqbal  H 260 
Qur'anic Concepts Of Human Psyche  Zafar Afaq Ansari  H 118 
Qur'anic Healings - Remedies From The Holy Qur'an  Ashraf Ali Thanvi  S 89 
Qur'anic Psychiatry  Sheikh S Mubarak Ali Jilani  H 150 
Qur'anic Sciences  Afzalur Rahman  H 332 
Qur'anic Text: Toward A Retrieval System  Hani M. Atiyah  S 277 
Scientific Trends in the Qur'an  Ahmad M. Soliman  S 108 
Subatomic World in the Qur'an  Aisha Al-Tarjumana  S 31 
Tawil al-Ahadith  Shah Waliyullah, tr. Jalbani  H 104 
The Amazing Qur'an  Gary Miller  S 44 
The Astonishing Truths of the Holy Qur'an  Iftekhar Bano Hussain  S 110 
The Bible, the Qur'an & Science  Maurice Bucaille  S 253 
The Bible, the Qur'an & Science .  Maurice Bucaille  S 253 
The Bible, the Qur'an & Science  Bucaille, Maurice  H 252 
The Book & the Believer  Dr Israr Ahmad  S 43 
The Essence Of The Qur'an  Abdul Basit  S 84 
The Excellent Qualities of the Holy Qur'an  Muhammad Iqbal Siddiqi  S 44 
The Holy Qur'an & the Science of Nature  Mehdi Golshani  S 204 
The Incredible Qur'an  Dr K. Ajram  S 167 
The Message of Islam  Abdullah Yusuf Ali  H 107 
The Message of Qur'an  Syed Athar Husain  H 298 
The Mind Al-Qur'an Builds  Dr Syed Abdul Latif  S 141 
The Miracles of the Qur'an  Shaykh M Mitwalli Al-Sharawi  S 275 
The Prophecies of the Holy Qur'an  Q.I. Hingora  S 173 
The Qur'an & Al-Shirk (Polytheism)  Muhammad Ibrahim H I Surty  S 124 
The Qur'an & Its Exegesis  Helmut Gatje  S 313 
The Qur'an & Its Impact on Human History  Allahbakhsh Brohi  S 20 
The Qur'an & Its Interpreters - Vol. 1  Mahmoud M. Ayoub  H 290 
The Qur'an & Its Interpreters - Vol. 2  Mahmoud M. Ayoub  C 433 
The Qur'an & Modern Science  Maurice Bucaille  S 16 
The Qur'an & Modern Science: Correlation Studies Moore, Zindani & Ahmed  S 50 
The Qur'an & The Contemporary Challenges  S.M. Ismail  H 98 
The Qur'an & World Peace  Dr Israr Ahmad  S 22 
The Qur'an Unimpeachable  Majlisul Ulama of S. Africa  S 54 
The Qur'an in Islam  Sayyid M.H. Tabatabai  S 112 
The Qur'an's Numerical Miracle: 19 Hoax or Heresy  Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips  S 68 
The Qur'anic Concept of History  Syed Ali Ashraf  S 16 
The Qur'anic Reasoning  Dr Ahmad A. Ghorab  S
The Recitation & Interpretation of the Qur'an  Muhammad Abul Quasem  H 124 
The Relevance of the Qur'an to Human Nature  Abdullah Muhammad Khouj  S 146 
The Sources Of The Qur'an: ... Authorship Theories  Hamza Mustafa Njozi  S 67 
The Sublime Qur'an & Orientalism  Mohammad Khalifa  S 262 
The Teachings Of The Qur'an  H.U.W. Stanton  H 136 
Towards Understanding the Qur'an  Kausar Niazi  S 232 
Ulum al-Qur'an: An Introd. to the Sciences....  Ahmad von Denffer  S 200 
Usool At-Tafseer - TheMethodologyOfQur'anicExplntn  Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips  H 344 
Virtues of Holy Qur'an  Maulana Muhammad Zakariya  H 135 
Way to the Qur'an  Khurram Murad  S 144 
Way to the Qur'an (Abridged)  Khurram Murad  S 23 
Western Ethical Norms & Qur'anic Responses  Yusuf Abbas Hashmi S 162 
Who Is Who In Holy Qur'an(Qur'anicNames&Symbls)  Muhammad Saeed Siddiqi H 152