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R.A.A. Radhi Allah 'Anhu (May Allah be pleased with him). Said whenever the name of a Sahabi (companion) is read or heard.
Rabb Rabb has three meanings: (i) Lord and Master; (ii) Sustainer, Provider, Supporter, Nourisher and Guardian, and (iii)Sovereign and Ruler, He who controls and directs. God is Rabb in all the three meanings of the term. The rational of the basic Qur'anic message - 'serve none but God' - is that since God is man's Rabb - Lord, Sustainer, Provider, Nourisher, etc. He alone should be the object of man's worship and service.See, for example, Qur'an 2:21.
Rabi al-Awal The third month of the Islamic calendar.
Rahim Rahim is from the root rhm (rahm) which denotes mercy. In the Qur'an this attribute of God has been used side by side with Rahman (which is also from the same root rhm). As such Rahim signifies God's mercy and beneficence towards His creatures. Moreover, according to several scholars, the word Rahim signifies the dimension of permanence in God's mercy.
Rahman Rahman (literally 'merciful') is one of the personal names of  God. According to scholars of the Arabic language and some commentators of the Qur'an, the word has the nuance of intensity regarding Divine Mercy. Thus the word does not just signify the One Who has mercy; it rather denotes the One Who is exceedingly merciful; the One Who is overflowing with mercy for all. Ar-Rahman: Surah 55 of the Qur'an.
Rajab The seventh month of the Islamic calendar.
Rajm (ar) Stoning. In Islamic law the Hadd punishment is Rajm.
Rak'ah Rak'ah (pl. raka'at) represents a unit of the Prayer and consists of bending the torso from an upright position followed by two prostrations.
Ramadan The ninth month of the Islamic calendar. Fasting is obligatory during this month for all Muslims.
Rasool Messenger and prophet of Allah.
Rawi A narrator. In Hadith literature, it means the narrator of Ahadeeth.
Rea' A minor shirk. Carrying out a religious act for worldly gains and not for the pleasure of Allah.
Riba Riba literally means 'to grow; to increase.' Technically, it denotes the amount that a lender receives from a borrower at a fixed rate in excess of the principal. It is of two kinds:
1. Riba Nasi'a - taking interest on loaned money.
2. Riba Fadal - taking something of superior quality in exchange for giving less of the same kind of thing of poorer quality.
Rooh al-Qudus "The Holy Spirit." Another name for the Angel Gabriel (Jibreel), peace be on him.
Ruku' Ruku' means to bend the body to bow. This bowing is one of the acts required in Islamic Prayer. Additionally, the same word denotes a certain unit in the Qur'an. The whole Book, for the sake of the convenience of the reader is divided into thirty parts (ajza', sing. juz'), and each juz' consists usually of sixteen ruku'.
Rushd Rushd from the verb rashada means the right way (2:256). It also implies integrity and maturity in thought and action (21:51).