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Tabi`un Tabi`un (sing. Tabi`i), Successors, are those who benefited and derived their knowledge from the Companions of the Prophet (S.A.W.).
Tafsir A commentary, usually referring to the commentary of the Holy Quran.
Taghut Taghut literally denotes the one who exceeds his legitimate limits. In Qur'anic terminology it refers to the creature who exceeds the limits of his creatureliness and abrogates to himself godhead and lordship. In the negative scale of values, the first stage of man's error is fisq (i.e. disobeying God without necessarily denying that one should obey Him.) The second stage is that of kufr, (i.e. rejection of the very idea that one ought to obey God.) The last stage is that man not only rebels against God but also imposes his rebellious will on others. All those who reach this stage are taghut.
Tahajjud Voluntary Prayer that is done any time at night after Isha but before Fajr.
Tajweed Recitation of the Qur'an with precise articulation and exact intonation.
Takbir Saying "Allahu Akbar" (Allah is the Greatest).
Talaq Talaq means repudiation of marriage.
Talbiya The pronouncement pilgrims make to Allah during Hajj:
    "Labbaik, labbaik, Allahumma labbaik. La shareeka laka labbaik. Innal hama wa n'imata laka walmulk. La shareeka lak."
(I am totally at Your service,I am totally at Your service, O Allah I am totally at Your service. You have no partner,I am totally at Your service. Truly, the praise and the blessing are Yours, and the dominion. You have no partners.)
Taqwa Fearing Allah as He should be feared. A major sign of being a faithful Muslim. See Qur'an, Aali 'Imran (3:102-103), Al-Hashr (59:18-19).
Taraweeh Prayers done after Isha during Ramadan, the fasting month.
Tarteel Measured recitation of the Qur'an taking extreme care with regard to the rules of slow reading, pausing and stopping at every indicated point.


Tashahhud Tashahhud literally 'testimony', is a declaration of the Muslim faith towards the end of the Prayers, immediately after the recitation of Tahiyah, while sitting with the first finger of   the right hand extended as a witness to the unity of God.
[Ayyam] al-Tashriq This term signifies four days of the month of Dhu al-Hijjah, viz. 10th through 13th.
Tawaf The circling of the Holy Kabah. Tawaf is done in sets of seven circuits.
Tawbah (Repentence) Tawbah basically denotes 'to come back; to turn towards someone.' Tawbah on the part of man signifies that he has given up his disobedience and has returned to submission and obedience to God. The same word used in respect of God means that He has mercifully turned to His repentant servant so that the latter has once more become an object of His compassionate attention.
Tawhid Oneness of God. The Divine Unity. Allah is One in His Essence and His Attributes and His Acts. The centermost concept of Islam.
Tayammum Tayammum literally means 'to intend to do a thing'. As an Islamic legal term, it refers to wiping one's hands and face with clean earth as a substitution for ablution when water cannot be obtained.